When This 8 Year Old Starts To Sing Billy Holiday, Everyone Is Instantly Brought To Tears.

When Angelina Jordan sings “What A Difference A Day Makes,” it’s as if she’s launched into the 1940’s. When she starts to sing, her soulful jazz voice gets the whole crowd cheering. She may be only eight years old, but performing is nothing new to her. She’s had multiple experiences on stages and in front of large crowds. And how she came to be here on stage is simply amazing.

When Angelina was only an eighteen months old, she taught herself to search for videos on Youtube, so she could listen to her favorite song, “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston. From that point on, she continued to sing. Her parents knew their daughter had a special gift.

Angelina went on to listen to artists such as Billy Holiday, and when you listen to her sing, and you can certainly tell how that shaped this young musician’s amazing artistry. Every time Angelina performs, she captivates her listeners every time she performs. In 2014, Angelina saw a commercial for Norway’s Got Talent. She wanted so badly to audition so she applied and went on to become the winner!

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