When They Put This Blind Baby In Front Of A Piano, I Completely Broke Down.

This is a true story of inspiration.

Patrick Henry Hughes plays in the marching band at the University of Louisville, but he’s never watched a single football game. That’s because Patrick was born blind. He’s also unable to use his arms and legs, so Patrick is bound to a wheelchair. How can someone end up in a marching band that is unable to walk? Patrick’s life story is full of questions like this.

Patrick seems to have been born with a fond love of music, and found his natural born talent on the family piano as a toddler. Before Patrick was even 2 years old, he was able to play certain songs by request. His father lamented that Patrick would spend his life in a wheelchair, but felt truly blessed that he’d be able to share the gift of music with his son.

The bond this father and son have is like no other I’ve ever seen. Every boy should be so lucky to have a Father like Patrick’s, and every Father could only dream of having a son like Patrick.

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