When Her Son Was Born, Life Was Perfect. 14 Weeks Later, Everything Changed.

In 2004, Kellie Haddock gave birth to her first child, a beautiful boy named Eli. Kellie and her husband, AJ, were absolutely on top of the world. When Eli was just fourteen weeks old, the family was involved in a horrific car accident that killed AJ instantly, leaving Eli was severely injured. This video tells Kellie’s heart breaking story of the tragedy, but then we follow her ten years later as she embarks on an uplifting journey to give thanks to all of the people that were involved in saving her infant son.

Be sure to have some tissues nearby while watching Kellie’s story. It’s without a doubt a tear-jerker, but by the end you’ll feel uplifted in a positive way! To see someone go through the effort involved to track down and give thanks to those who saved her life, is a true lesson on being thankful for what we have now.

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