When A Pregnant Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Doctor’s, It Gets Disturbing.

The following video is worth watching in spite of the controversy of abortion. Live Action, a nonprofit organization that is working to end abortion, started a project called Inhuman, which tries to expose the truth behind abortion clinics and the practices they use across the nation. In the video below, a woman working with Inhuman visits a late-term abortion clinic in Phoenix, AZ, and is schooled by Dr. Laura Mercer about the procedure. What follows is a heart-wrenching description of methods the doctors at the clinic would use should a botched abortion lead to the delivery of a live baby. The video’s YouTube description states that the video was shot in December 2012 despite the time stamp on the camera. It was part of a six-month investigation of abortion clinics launched by Live Action.

According a Live Action press release, the organization discovered barbaric and illegal methods being carried out at abortion clinics across the nation. The title of this press release reads: “Third Undercover Video Investigation Exposes Abortion Doctor and Clinic Worker Who Would Leave Babies Born Alive from Failed Abortion to Die. Six-Month Investigation Reveals Illegal, Inhuman, and Gruesome Practices at Abortion Centers across the Country.” The press release also goes on to explain that the findings as a result of this, and other undercover videos, reveal that many late-term abortion clinics use the same barbaric methods to terminate a pregnancy.
Lila Rose, the president of Live Action explains, “This video is just the latest evidence of a disturbing and horrifying trend occurring inside America’s abortion industry…The testimony we’ve documented in this abortion facility strongly suggests that staff there are committing infanticide. The Family Planning Associates Medical Group needs to be investigated immediately, and de-licensed. Women are at risk during these brutal procedures, and this is a matter of life and death for these children.”

Arizona state law prohibits an abortion if the fetus is older than 24 weeks, which is when a fetus can actually survive outside the womb. Arizona has attempted to pass laws changing the restriction from 24 weeks to 20 weeks, but the attempts were thwarted by the Supreme Court. Under federal law, the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act makes it illegal for any infant, wanted or not, to be left to die if born alive; the law requires that the infant must be given medical treatment regardless of whether the birth was a result of a failed abortion.

Rose is lobbying for an investigation and prosecution of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in this video, and Dr. Mercer herself. Our goal in covering this story is not to incite heated debate about an already hot topic, but merely to share the troubling investigation of this late-term abortion clinic.

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