Westboro Baptist Church Protest A Marine’s Funeral. Now Watch What Happens When Bikers Ride In.

Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket a fallen Marine’s funeral, little did they know who was coming stop them in their tracks.

25 years old Marine Corporal Richard Bennet was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq, and the lowlifes from the “church” chose his funeral for one of their tasteless protests. The members of this radical group believe that God kills American troops because of our acceptance of homosexuality.

Usually a time for mourning, were faced with having to deal with the angry chants of this crazy group of fanatics. Luckily for the family of the fallen soldier, a group of bikers known as “The Patriot Guard” decided to make an appearance to protect the family.

Ken Van, a Veteran and pastor, attends fallen soldiers’ funerals as often as he can.

“No family should have to face this type of hatred on the day that they’re putting their loved ones to rest,” Van said. Bennet died defending our sacred freedoms, and he even died to give the fringe members of the Westboro Baptist Church the right to picket his own funeral, but just because they have the right to speak doesn’t mean we have to listen.”

These bikers all manage to keep their cool in spite of the hateful and disgusting words from the radical group; the church only gains power when they think they presence has an effect on people. Like an over aged bully, people like this group are best beaten by ignoring them until they slither back under the rock they came from. At 1:20 into this video, I honestly choked up.

How would YOU handle this group if they were screaming such hateful words about our nation’s fallen soldiers? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!

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