Two Young Women Mesmerize With Beautiful “Spirit Break Out Dance”.

This isn’t your normal dance routine. These amazing dancers put on a dazzling performance to “Spirit Break Out” in a unique unforgettable way.

These young ladies begin with soft, sort of dark lighting as the song begins, and then a little light begins to shine on them. As they move around more, we see the lights following them and flowing with their actions, becoming more complex as the song goes on. They perform so smoothly that it seems like they are directly controlling the lights with the power of their movements.

The singer, Kim Walker-Smith, is also a songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist. She grew up in Oregon, and has been on the stage since she was three years old. She wants to help people through her music by connecting with and inspiring them with her messages. It seems certain that she would appreciate the way these two dancers portrayed her message in their unusual performance

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