Two Women vs A Train, The Women Win.

The first thing to remember before you watch this video is the two women on the tracks are alive and well. A little traumatized and a lot in trouble with the law, but alive and well.

Footage was recently released of an incident that took place on July 10 outside Bloomington, Indiana. An unnamed train engineer feared he had run over two women who were trespassing on an 80-foot-high railroad bridge often—illegally—used by travelers on foot. Unable to outrun the train and unwilling to risk the jump to the water below, the women lay down between the rails in hopes that the train would pass over them.

Luckily, that’s exactly what happened.

According to Indiana local TV affiliate WTHR, the two unnamed women were unscathed, able to stand up and run toward the train for help after it stopped. However, they have been charged with criminal trespass. Considering the alternative, that’s not too bad.

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