Touching Tribute By A Man Who Had To Say Goodbye To His Best Friend.

If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a pet you loved more than life itself, you can’t help but appreciate what it took for Ben Moon to create this film about his beloved dog, Denali. This is one of the most touching and beautifully mastered tributes honoring the love of a pet that you will ever see watch (I mean that), and the world deserves to see it.

Ben himself narrates this story through the eyes of Denali, which seems fitting considering the strong bond that sense between the two, like he knew exactly what his best friend was thinking at all times. Ben offers us an inside view of an animal who knows he’s dying, and captures how he might express himself if he had the ability to speak to his human best friend.

What makes this story even more powerful is when we learn that not only is Ben a cancer survivor, but that Denali refused to leave his side while he recovered. It’s as if Denali knew Ben needed his strength to make it through, little did he know that he would have to ask for the same strength in return later down the road of life. The best friends would later find out that Denali would also be diagnosed with cancer, and no amount of bedside cuddling was going to save him.

Watch the story of Ben and Denali below, and see what unconditional love and understanding really looks like. You may want to grab a tissue, as it is probably impossible to make it through this without crying. Please share your thoughts of Ben’s tribute to Denali in the comment section below, and please SHARE this beautiful story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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