Tim Tebow Sees Date He Turned Down For Prom On ‘Tonight Show’ Making Mom Break Down By What He Does

This girl had her dreams come true in the most unexpected way. Judy Adams is a high school student with special needs. If you asked her about Tim Tebow, she would tell you that because of his foundation called Night to Shine, he is one of the greatest inspirations in her life. But to Tim Tebow, students like Judy are the inspiration to him. When he looks out in the crowd and asks for Judy Adams, she was so surprised she couldn’t believe it!

On The Tonight Show, Tim Tebow explains that he was asked by Judy to be her date for Night to Shine, a worldwide high school prom event designated for special needs students. On those nights, it really is their time to shine on the red carpet. Tebow explains the reason why he had to turn down her sweet offer, but then does something for Judy that was totally unexpected.

“She is so amazing and so inspirational. and she is here.” Drawing Judy out of the crowd, he asks her for a slow dance – and then receives a resounding “Yes!” Tim Tebow’s words of encouragement went out to Judy and all of the other students out there that he has such a big heart for. His message was about realizing that each one is amazing and so inspiring. You will think Judy Adams is, too. This moment was something Judy’s mom will hold in her heart forever!


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