This Woman Decided To Flip Off The Tomb Of Unknown Soldier? What Happens Next? Karma At It’s Finest!

When Lindsey Stone posed for a treasonous photo in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, she was fired when her employer saw it.

When she posted the photo below in a 2012 online campaign to target her then employer Life (Living Independently Forever), she and her involved coworker were both immediately fired.

Now Stone lives in regret and fear that people will find this photo. She hasn’t dated anyone in years.

For more than a year after Stone was fired, she was too afraid to leave her own house because of all the death and rape threats.

A Facebook page (which has since been taken down) titled “Fire Lindsey Stone” amassed 19k likes. And she received many hate letters and emails about the photo which showed her giving the middle finger and shouting at the buried troops at Arlington.

When Stone’s coworker posted the photo on Facebook, it quickly went viral and the two non-profit workers faced a litany of hate.

“Lindsey Stone hates the military and hates soldiers who have died in foreign wars”, read one comment.

“You should rot in hell,” read another. “Just pure Evil,” another said. She also received numerous rape and death threats.

Even her own father said her behavior was “disgraceful.”

Now Stone has hired a PR agency to help her repair her online image. But the damage has been done.

For a long time no employer even looked at her resume.

Eventually a company hired her to work with autistic children. They probably didn’t Google her name. But she’s terrified that they will find the photo of her giving the middle finger to America.

“Since it happened, I haven’t tried to date anybody. How much do you let a new person into your life? Do they already know?”

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