This Puppy Was Starved, Set On Fire, Then Thrown In A Dumpster. His Recovery? Grab Your Tissues.

I’ll never understand how some people can be SO cruel. When I look at MY puppy, so full of love and energy, it disgusts me to know there are people capable of inflicting pain on an innocent creature.

One subzero night in Minnesota, a passing truck driver made a horrible discovery: at the bottom of a dumpster that had been consumed by fire,  huddled an abandoned, five-month-old puppy — whimpering, starving, and charred black. The kind-hearted truck driver named Clayton, didn’t even think twice before diving in and rescuing the crying pup, burning his hands, and singeing his own hair in the process. He rushed the injured pup to a rescue center, where veterinarians immediately gave him emergency care.

It’s no known who the monster is who inflicted such cruelty to this poor little pooch. “He had to be put in there by a very, very sick person,” said Clayton. Clayton, a longtime dog owner himself, had difficulty choking back tears as he spoke of Phoenix’s rescue.

The pup was eventually moved to a different facility, where care-givers gave him  the name Phoenix. In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a bird who was consumed by fire, but was reborn and rose from the ashes. I think the name is very appropriate for this brave pup.

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Clayton snapped this heart-breaking photo of Phoenix just moments after rescuing him from the burning dumpster.

Clayton snapped this photo of little Phoenix just moments after lifting him from the burning dumpster.

Clayton Van Wert

Phoenix’s fur was shaved so veterinarians could assess the damage to his skin.

Veterinarians had to shave Phoenix's fur to assess the damage to his skin below.

Vets discovered that Phoenix’s fur had been doused in some sort of accelerant, proving the fire had been intentional.

Vets realized that the puppy's fur had been doused in accelerant, proving the fire had <i>definitely</i> been intentional.

Besides being burned and abandoned, Phoenix was also severely malnourished. He weighed only 19 lbs, half of what he should weigh at his age.

In addition to being burned and abandoned, Phoenix was severely malnourished. He weighed a slight 19 lbs, half of what a dog his age should weigh.

Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation

The most severe burns were on Phoenix’s knees and paws, which required bandaging and pain medication for the poor little pooch.

Phoenix recently had to have skin grafting surgery, as his wounds wouldn’t heal closed.

Most recently, Phoenix had to undergo surgery for skin grafting, as vets have had trouble keeping his wounds closed.

Phoenix now spends his time between the South Hyland Pet Hospital and the home of his vet, Dr. Vicki Schulz.

Phoenix now splits his time between the South Hyland Pet Hospital and the home of his vet, Dr. Vicki Schulz.

Authorities are investigating to find who the monster is who did this to little Phoenix.

Authorities are doing all they can to find who could have done this to little Phoenix.

Phoenix is now on the road to recovery, but it’s going to be a difficult journey. But thanks to all the love and care he’s received, he’s sure to rise again very soon.

Phoenix is now on the road to recovery, but it's going to be a long and bumpy journey. But with all of the love and care surrounding this brave dog, he's sure to rise again very soon.

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