This Little Girl Hits A Police Officer With A Snowball. His Reaction? Wow!

In a time when the relationship between the police force and the public is still quite strained, it’s always nice to see something that humanizes cops and makes them seem more approachable and friendly than they otherwise might be when they’re worrying about keeping themselves safe in the line of duty.

This past week, Raleigh, North Carolina saw a bit of snow hit their streets and kids took the opportunity to invade the local parks with their sleds in tow. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of exhilaration you get as a kid when the wind is blowing across your face as you race, headfirst, down a snowy hill.

That is, unless you can get the local police officers to join in with you and beat them in a wild snowball fight!

And that’s exactly what happened at Lion’s Park in Raleigh on Tuesday. Several Raleigh Police officers were checking things out at the park and making sure the children were safe when they decided to get in on the action themselves.

In the video below, posted by The News & Observer, you can see as the officers jump on sleds and start flying headfirst down the hill, shield themselves from an onslaught of chilly snowballs, and toss a few back at the children.

It’s a really fun moment that the officers and these adorable kids will likely remember for the rest of their lives.

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