This Guy Burglarized An Orphanage. What Happens Next? Amazing!

Tiger Direct was looking for a charity with aging computers and equipment, and paid Youtuber prankster Roman Atwood to attract the public’s attention through one of his videos.


And while some of the staffers at the Jewish Children’s Village appeared to take the prank extra hard, it all ended well: It led to the 50 or so children in the care of the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO) village and staff to receive $40,000 worth of electronics from distributor Tiger Direct.

Roman set up the prank with broken glass on the ground, and when I saw the faces of some of my staffers, I considered pulling the plug,” said JAFCO Director Sarah Franco. “But they did promise no children would be involved.

We had old, 12-inch computer and the kids watched television on two old tube TVs,” Franco said. “Now, they’ve got flat-screen TVs and tablets.

This is the best positive prank EVER!

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