This Girl Plays The Downton Abbey Theme Perfectly. What Makes It Heartbreaking Is Her Story.

Meet Anna van Keulen. This is a video her father recorded as she played the renowned Downton Abbey theme song on the piano in their living room. As the 13-year-old plays, the piano seems to become an extension of her. Her heartfelt passion for music is very clear and so very moving.

Anna, from the Netherlands, had told her father her dream was to be famous someday. Sadly, she never got to live out that dream. A tragic bike accident took her life before she had the chance.

In an effort to fulfill her wish, her dad shared this video on Twitter on Tuesday, October 28, requesting the Internet to help make her dream a reality by watching her play.

It’s no surprise this hauntingly beautiful video has already gone viral – with nearly 2 million views within days. After you watch it, please consider sharing it with your friends and family to help her achieve this dream.

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