This Baby Was Being Swept Away Until Someone Stepped In To Save The Day.

The horses in the following video are from Salt River Wild Horse Country, near the lower Salt and Verde Rivers in the Tonto National Forest of Central Arizona. It is a place where wild horses, among other animals, roam free. People are welcome to come by to see them, but are encouraged not to interact with them or try to take any of them off the land. The people who watch over this land and its inhabitants comprise a nonprofit organization and they simply wants to preserve the lives of wild horses and the area they live in. Their goal is to “study their population, provide management as needed, improve their environment, and educate the public in order to build greater public awareness and appreciation for the wild horses that are also known as the Salt River Wild Horses.”
In this video, there is one particular horse that is taking center stage: Champ. When he notices a filly in need, he steps forward to help. It seems like this particular stallion is the dominant one of the group and as such, it makes sense that he would then feel responsible for the other members. He doesn’t appear to hesitate at all and steps in when he knows he needs to protect one of his own from danger. He certainly deserves his spot at the top of the herd with the way he demonstrates his protectiveness. Watch how quickly he identifies danger and acts on it.

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