This 7 Yr Old Girl Will Bring You To Tears When She Sings THIS Classic For Her Late Mother…TOUCHING!

Whether you’re a person or faith or not, everyone is a fan of Amazing Grace. Many amazing artists have done their best to cover this classic hymn, but the performance in this video is the most beautiful one I’ve ever heard! The video features a rendition of Amazing Grace by 7 year old Rhema Marvanne, and when she sings her voice will touch your very soul!

Rhema is a gospel singer who hails from Texas and she says she sings to glorify God. Rhema is inspired by her mother, Wendi, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Rhema hope is that she made her mother proud. She has such a beautiful voice and sings with so much emotion!

Watch Rhema’s beautiful performance of Amazing Grace in the video below, and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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