This 113-Year-Old Woman Lied About Her Age, Wait ‘Til You See Why!!

Anna Stoehr is the oldest woman in Minnesota at 113-years-old, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep up with the times.

Born before most households even had telephones, Anna has been embracing technology her entire life. When her 84-year-old son recently went to pick out an iPhone, he met Joseph Ramirez — a Verizon sales rep who turned out to be somewhat of “kindred spirit” to Anna, coming to visit her whenever he can and introducing her to the latest technology. Joseph brought Facebook into Anna’s world, and she instantly fell in love with the social networking site.

However, there was a small issue: Facebook’s birthday option, which you need to select in order to become a member, only stretches as far back as 1905. Anna was born in 1900. So, she did what any woman would do, and lied to the Facebook Gods, claiming she was 99-years-old. And bamn! Welcome to Facebook, Anna! LOL!

Not only is Anna amazing because of her age, throughout the video, she’s laughing up a storm! For anyone who feels like they’re just too old to embrace something new, let Anna be an inspiration!

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