They Heard A Baby Crying In A Bathroom. But Nothing Prepared Them For What They Found Next. SHOCKING!

When a woman hastily left a public restroom in Beijing, China, it was not long before cries from a baby were heard outside. And that’s when God sent His guardian angels in to help!

Residents who overheard the cries, quickly called the authorities. Local police entered the bathroom, but I’m sure they were not prepared for the horrific discovery they were about to make.


Credit: CNN


The baby’s screams were traced to a toilet pipe in the ground. Police chief, Qian Feng, describes the harrowing scene:


The baby’s head was pointing downwards and her whole body had already fallen into the drain. We could only see the baby’s feet from the side.


Credit: The Guardian


The original plan was to take apart the toilet, but as the baby continued to scream, Qian decided to take swift, decisive action. He reached down into the pipe and pulled the infant girl out of the pipe.


Credit: CNN


Despite the terrifying encounter, the baby girl is doing just fine and is in stable condition at the hospital. God bless the officers for their quick response. Clearly God has big plans for this sweet girl! Praise the Lord for the angels He sent to save her, and please continue to pray for her future.

You can watch the chilling rescue below, which was captured on a bystander’s cell phone:

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