They Arranged Some Wooden Discs On Their Ugly Floor. When They’re Done? Beautiful!

This couple decided to do something unique with their floor. Cordwood was used to give their floors a beautiful, all-natural look. They started by sweeping and mopping, then laying out the wooden discs.


The wood they used was legally gathered from their local state forest. The trees they used, ‘Shaggy Bark Juniper’ and ‘Alligator Bark Juniper’,  had died and fallen naturally, so there was no need to drop any trees.



They ran each piece through a chop saw set at 1″. They then sanded the discs glued them directly to the floor using construction adhesive, working in 2′ sections.


Each piece was firmly tamped them to ensure they would hold for years to come.



Soon, their floor took on a whole new natural look.



They finished by grouting the spaces and applying several coats of polyurethane, their beautiful unique floor was complete.




The warmth and natural look makes me want to do this to MY floor. Would you like to have a floor like this in your home? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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