They All Laughed When This Cheerleader Lined Up For Her Shot, But Then The Crowd Went WILD!

When people attempt to make a basketball shot from the half court line, people never expect it to go in. So when this cheerleader grabbed the basketball and did a front handspring, when the basketball went into the hoop, the crowd absolutely erupted in applause!

For cheerleader Ashlee Arnau, making this basketball shot was the highlight of her cheerleading career.

While at the halftime at a William Carey University basketball game, Ashlee set a basketball on the half court line as an audience gripped in anticipation watched on.

Suddenly she started running toward the basketball and does a forward flip as she plants her hands on the ground and throws her feet over her head. As the momentum picks her up and she comes back to her feet, she grabs the ball between her hands and shoots it toward the basket. No one suspects she’ll make it in.

Without hitting the backboard, the ball miraculously goes right into the hoop. And the crowd goes wild! What an amazing shot!

I’ve never seen such an amazing trick shot in my entire life! How awesome! Check it out. Ashlee just made the shot seem so easy. But we know she must have been practicing for weeks if not for months.

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