These Guys Got to the Beach and Started Recording. When I Saw What They Captured? WOW!!

Hoping to have a good time at the beach, these guys at the Canadian shore got way more than they ever bargained for!

When they started recording the video, what came out of the water and started scratching their stomachs on the beach was absolutely amazing! See it now for yourself.

These killer whales were just feet from the group of men who looked on in awe.

“Jesus!” one man said when the Orca whales got up onto the shore.

The group of about a half dozen killer whales were just feet from the filmers. It seems to be a family of whales since some of the whales are much smaller than the one that appears on shore at 1:55 in the video. The powerful whale is scratching an itch that it just couldn’t reach without the sandy shore.

Fortunately, the group of guys were able to capture this amazing sight on video. WATCH the video now to see the killer whales rubbing themselves on the rocky beach shore off the Western Canadian coast.

“Holy moly!” one guy said in the video. “This is crazy! It probably feels like a nice massage.”

Even the Orca experts are stunned by this amazing video footage that you must share with your friends today.

“Absolutely remarkable footage of northern resident orca with their culturally unique behavior of rubbing themselves on beaches like this,” Orca whale expert Jackie Hildering said.

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