These Dads Showed Up To The Dance. When They Spotted Their Daughters? Awesome!!

Taking the usual daddy-daughter picture with their daughters being all dolled up for the prom was wasn’t good enough for these dads. When their daughters asked them to join them for a dance, they were honored. The dads were all dressed up, and were ready to take the stage in their dress shirts and ties. It was their privilege to start off the performance, dancing to “A Night to Remember”. Their daughters sparkled from across the stage, ready to steal the show. As they twirled and posed with their colorful prom dresses, they had the time of their lives together with friends, and their dads. For them, the best part of it all was being able to share a fun memory like that with their dads, one they’ll cherish forever. They couldn’t help but laugh throughout the song. Not even noticing that they were totally out of their comfort zone, all the dads threw their hands up and strut around to the beat of the music. With their daughters as their dance partners, they could only focus on what was truly important to them: family. The night was one that they all would remember.

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