These Boys Are Alone In A Tiny Boat When A Pod Of Baby Orcas Swims Toward Them.

When a few buddies took their small aluminum boat out on the water for a day of crabbing, they were definitely not prepared for the thrilling and scary situation they would soon encounter.

Although they had heard that other fishermen had recently seen a pod of orca whales in the area, the guys had never seen them for themselves, and didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when they hopped in their boat hoping to come home with enough crabs to feed them for a few days.

Just as the guys were packing up to head in after a fruitless day on the water, dark figures could be seen swimming out in the distance.

As they pulled up their metal crab-catching pot, it rubbed against the aluminum boat…and the dark figures in the water began to move closer.

Within seconds, the guys were surrounded by a pod of baby orcas. And, before they know what’s happening, the massive babies approached the boat. Thankfully, it wound up being a positive experience, despite the frantic screams and running back and fourth in the small boat.

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