Their dog is dead because of a tragic oversight, and the culprit could be lurking in YOUR home too.

Anyone with a dog knows how curious and resourceful they can be around anything edible. That curiosity apparently killed a dog in Western Wisconsin.

Luna, a 2-year-old golden retriever, had to be put down by her owners after she ingesting Xylitol-laden gum on Monday. Luna had suffered severe liver damage.

“Luna had gotten into a container of gum, actually chewed it open herself,” said Samantha Caress, 22. She, boyfriend Jordan Pellett ,22, and their son, Grady, 7 months, are devastated.

“She was like our first child. She was like our family before we even had Grady,” said Caress.

Caress and Pellett said the dog ingested the “Ice Breaker” Lemon-flavor gum while the couple was out of the home in rural Glenwood City. They rushed her to the Animal Emergency Center in Oakdale, Minnesota early Tuesday.

“They actually called, later, after we dropped her off about three four hours, and they said her blood came back and it wasn’t good,” sobbed Caress.

The Center said a treatment for Luna would cost $20,000, beyond their means.

“And they said it was still only a 25% chance that she would live from it and we just didn’t want her to suffer so we had to put her down,” said Caress.

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