The Most Bizarre Performance Ever Leaves Simon SPEECHLESS!

I LOVE ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, they always shwocase talented individuals who tend to shock and stun the judges and guests. The following video is from a recent episode, where we’re introduced to Marc Métral and his dog Ms. Wendy. He announces to the judges and the crowd, “I have a special guest for you,” before bringing Ms. Wendy on stage for her debut. Métral places his the adorable Ms. Wendy on a pedestal and begins asking her questions, leaving the judges and crowd in complete awe.

It doesn’t take long before the crowd is COMPLETELY blown away with what they’re seeing. Métral’s routine is like none I’ve ever seen before, but that just adds to the intrigue. I won’t spoil it for you, just watch for yourself, it’s AMAZING!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Were you as impressed as I was? Let us in the comment section below, and and be sure to SHARE the video with your friends on Facebook!

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