The Judge Stands In Shock When He Sees Who’s Singing On Stage…WOW!

Harrison Craig has been the victim of bullying at school his whole life, just because he stutters when he speaks. Despite his peers’relentless teasing, he tried not to let their hurtful words get to him and continued to pursue his passion for singing. Like many other that stutter, it seems to go away whenever he sings.

When he learned that The Voice: Australia were auditioning, Craig decided to give it a try — and I’m  sure glad he did! During the blind audition, this courageous young man nails it with his rendition of “Broken Vow” by Josh Groban. He delivers a performance second to none,  and completely wows the judges.

During his amazing performance, his mom and brother were backstage cheering him on. At 3:55 into the video, Craig’s younger brother is seen crying tears of joy as he celebrates his brother’s brilliant performance. It’s such a touching moment, it’s plain to see that mom raised two amazing kids.


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