The Groomsmen Line Up Before The Bride. What They Do For Her? PRICELESS!

New groom Lanny Smith decided to old school with a hit from his new father-in-law’s generation to really show his love for his new bride.

I wasn’t sure where this video was going when it starts with the groom grabbing the microphone and telling his new father-in-law “You’ve always been very protective of Miss Kirbi Thomas over here,” before correcting himself that she’s Kirbi SMITH now. Lanny goes on to say “she’ll always be your daughter, but she’s my girl now!” That’s when Lanny grabs his crew and cues the music for the most epic surprise EVER!

The guys are so smooth dancing to “My Girl” by the Temptations, I’m sure Dad would agree his daughter made the right choice, what a way to show his love for his new bride!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, many the spend many cherished years together! Please SHARE this video with your Facebook friends!

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