The Brady Bunch: 12 Secrets and Scandals The Cast Didn’t Want You To Know



Greg Was A Teenage Pothead

Greg Brady was known for his squeaky-clean image on screen – he was the kind of kid who eventually succumbed to peer pressure and smoked a single, scandalous cigarette. This was nothing like the Greg Brady off-screen. In real life, Barry Williams had been smoking since he was 12 years old – and not just tobacco. The eldest Brady boy definitely dabbled in the funky lettuce like most 1970s teens (much to the dismay of producers). Williams only went to set high once, but it was disruptive enough that the episode had to be rewritten to reduce his participation. The episode in question was “Law and Disorder,” and Williams thought he had the day off from filming but was called into the Paramount lot at the last minute. The 17-year-old actor showed up high, glassy-eyed and smiling. If you look close enough at the footage, you can see him holding in stoned laughter.

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