Teen Driving Home Thinks He Sees Drunk Driver on Road. Then He Sees What the Man is Aiming For.

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A high school student on his way home from his job at McDonald’s is credited with interrupting a domestic assault and potential murder.

Kenneth Clinton had shot his girlfriend, Jenna Neuman, twice and was trying to run over her on Sam’s Creek Road in Cheatham County.

That’s when Caleb Martin, a senior at Harpeth High School, drove up.

“About halfway up the guardrail, I see a woman in the middle of the road,” Martin said. “I see a swerving. I thought it was a drunk driver until I saw he was swerving into the woman.”

Martin honked his horn and yelled at Clinton, who drove away.

Immediately, Martin was on speaker phone with 911, even as he opened the door for the bloodied and beaten woman.

“911, what is your emergency?” the dispatcher asked.

“Hang on, hang on. Come over here, come over here. I’m sorry, I’m kind of freaked out,” Martin said.

“He shot me, I’m shot,” Neuman yelled.

“A woman was shot,” Martin said. “Get in, get in, get in. I won’t let you die.”

“Please don’t let me die,” Neuman said.

“It’s OK, we got you,” Martin said.

Neuman was bleeding badly, so Martin decided to drive to his grandmother’s house to wait for paramedics and stop the bleeding.

“Please hurry, I’m dying,” Neuman said on the 911 call. “Please don’t let me die.”

“No, no,” Martin said.

“Do you promise?” Neuman asked.

“You will not die,” Martin replied.

“I’m dying, I’m dying,” Neuman said.

“No you won’t,” Martin said. “You will not die, you will not die. I will not let you die. We have the ambulance coming. They will save you.”

“Do you promise?” Neuman asked.

“I promise,” Martin said.

Unable to call his grandmother, Martin burst through her front door with Neuman, still on the phone with 911.

“Grandma, this person was shot and ran over, come on. We need to get something to stop the bleeding,” Martin said.

“OK, call 911,” Martin’s grandmother said.

“I already did. I already called them. They’re coming,” Martin said.

“I’m a good person,” Neuman said.

“I know, I know. We got you,” Martin said.

Five miles away, Clinton, Neuman’s alleged attacker, was taking his own life as hers was being saved.

“He truly was her savior in that moment,” Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said. “Putting himself between the individual who shot her and himself. Heroes don’t come along very often.”

Martin doesn’t think he was a hero.

“On the inside I was scared and nervous,” he said. “I just wanted to hide.”

But he didn’t. When it was all over, Martin said he liked what he learned about himself.

“I’ve always questioned if I’d do something like this,” he said. “I never thought I’d have to test it. This proves that I would.”

Martin will cut the ribbon at the grand opening of a new domestic violence center Tuesday.

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