This Teacher Was Fired For This 19 Second Meldown. Right, or Wrong?

Captain Jeffrey Daughtry was a math instructor at the Sarasota Military Academy. On March 31, a student recorded cell phone video of Daughtry screaming at one of his pupils.

The video shows Daughtry, a former Army sergeant, shoving a teenager into a seat and yelling, “You open your mouth again and you will die!” Because of this 19 second meltdown, Captain Daughtry was fired.  Students have rallied on his behalf, and have even created a Facebook page supporting this reinstatement, with over 1,200 members. Some parents have also started a petition asking that he be reinstated. The petition has more than 130 signatures.


Base solely on this video, do you think he should have been fired? Please comment below, and share with your friends.

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