Target Employee Interferes With Toddler Throwing Tantrum As Mom’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

All eyes are on you. You can even feel the heavy stare of people several feet away. They’re watching and waiting for your next move.

No, this isn’t some live show. This is every parent’s worst nightmare: Your child is throwing a public tantrum.

The sneers and the snarky side comments like, “This is why I’ll never have kids,” can at times be a little too much to bear. Even if you aren’t a parent yourself, you just can’t help but feel sorry for parents dealing with their children screaming and thrashing their arms in a public place. While the kids eventually wind down, the moms and dads feel exhausted after the ordeal. So when this little girl started to throw a tantrum, one store employee decided to step up resulting in a very grateful mom and an equally heartwarming picture.

A temper tantrum is something that every parent faces. It can be very embarrassing to stare down at a red-faced toddler with their bottoms plonked on the ground. But this was exactly what Massachusetts-based mom Brianna Lelos experienced during a trip to a Target store in Wilmington.

Brianna’s little girl wasn’t exactly enjoying the shopping trip that day. She threw a heavy tantrum and ended up on the floor. Instead of just standing by, an employee named Liliana decided to lend a hand. She sat by the toddler until she calmed down and was ready to return to her mama.

Brianna was so impressed by the deed that she took a snap and uploaded it on Twitter. She wrote:

“To Liliana of the Wilmington, MA @Target store: Thankyou. I *think* every parents knows the feeling of their toddler/any age child having a tantrum in the middle of the store……”

The mom went on to thank Target for instilling such good values on their employees. To which, the store chain said that they would happily be forwarding the feedback to their Wilmington branch.

Good for Liliana for doing the right thing! Dealing with a child’s public tantrum is never easy. So even as bystanders, the least we can do is to avoid snapping at the parents or children. As for parents, it’s always wise to approach the situation as calmly as possible. Raising your voice or getting angry will only end up aggravating the child even more.

It is nice to know that there is still a bit of good in this world. We can all take a cue from Liliana and learn that a little kindness goes a long way.

This mom will never forget one employee’s sweet act.


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