Superhero Mom Gives Birth On The Way To The Hospital

A woman from Texas gave birth to a 10-pound baby en route to the hospital last Thursday. Lesia Pettijohn and her husband, John Pettijohn were driving for 45 minutes when the 22-year-old woman went into labor.

The parents-to-be were rushing to get to the Bay Area Birth Center in Texas, but once she realized the baby was coming, Lesia told her husband to start filming. John, 24, used a GoPro camera to document the birth as he drove.

After a couple of moments, Lesia gave birth to the couple’s first son, Josiah. The Pettijohns already have two daughters, aged two and one.

The mom-of-three told her husband to keep driving because she was afraid that they might need help at some point, and neither one of them had a working cellphone. Even though she seemed calm and collected in the video, Lesia admitted that she was scared and wasn’t sure if the baby would need anything else.

Watch this incredible mom give birth below.


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