Six-Year-Old Grant Has Dwarfism And Has A Lot To Say About Himself.

6 year old Grant is like any other young boy his age. He likes to do things like reading, playing, and climbing. But, sometimes people think he and his 1-year-old brother are twins because Grant has what is known as diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism.

Amy (Pearce) Stone became Grant’s mother when she married his father, Nate. Amy created and shared this video about her son so others would know what a huge heart he has. She says: “I am continually humbled by Grant, and his love, determination, and heart. He and I teamed up to try and help tear down the walls between little people and people of average height–and really between all people, in this little documentary. We hope that everyone will just see people as people, and love them for who they are.”

Watch the video to hear him share his story in his own words, and please SHARE his story with your friends on Facebook.

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