She Was About To Throw Away An Old Table. Then A Crazy Idea Creeped Into Her Head. The Result? WOW!

I get totally inspired when I see someone repurpose something old and unwanted into a completely new and useful item. When I saw what this crafter did with an old unused end table, the result completely blew me and her furry best friend away!

First, she started with an old end table and flipped it over. To start the project, she first drilled some holes in the top to install some legs. With the holes drilled, they’ll be ready to screw in the feet.

But before that can happen, she strips the old stain by sanding everything. She spray paints the feet with rose petal pink, the rest of the tables is painted a delicious creamy white.

To give the DIY project some bling, she spray paints some accent pieces pink to match the new feet.

The project is really starting to look like something with the paint job and the accent pieces.

Once everything was dried and ready assembled, she throws on a comfortable little mattress for her fur baby.

Now see how much her little pooch Cupcake loves her new doggie bed!

4 Poster Dogbed

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