She Nestles Next To Her New Husband. When This Happens 5 Days Later, I’m Heartbroken.

Katie Kirkpatrick was only 21 years old when she married the man of her dreams, Nick. While it was love at first sight for the 2 young lovers, they could have imagined just how brief their time on Earth together would be. Katie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and rather than giving in to the horrible disease, she held on long enough to do the one thing in life that would make her happy. She married her one true love.

Nick knew Katie’s prognosis, yet when Katie proposed to him, there was never a question in his mind about what was right in his heart. The video below is both tragic and beautiful. Even though you see how much she suffered, it’s shadowed by the happiness her union to Nick brought her. Their happiness was short-lived, as Katie lost her battle to cancer only five days after they were wed. She can now rests in peace, knowing she was loved by the person who meant the most to her.

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