She Held This Sign Up At A Garth Brooks Concert. What Happened Next? Tears!


During Garth Brooks’ recent concert in Minneapolis last Friday, something very special happened. It’s a moment we’ll never forget, and one we’re grateful to have witnessed.

Teresa Shaw of Osage, Iowa is a huge Garth Brooks fan. She’s also been battling stage 3 breast cancer since June of this year. But despite the challenges she’s faced, she remains optimistic, and according to friends, always has a courageous smile on her face.

She and her daughter made the trip to Minneapolis to see Garth live onstage, after Teresa had another treatment of Chemotherapy that morning. But what happened that evening is something Teresa said will inspire her forever.

During the show that night, Brooks started to perform one of his all-time classics, The Dance, something that made Teresa Shaw very happy. That’s because Shaw made this sign and brought it with her to the arena that night:


During the song, Teresa held up her sign, which caught the attention of the cameras and popped up on the jumbotron, causing the capacity crowd to erupt with cheers. That’s when something absolutely amazing took place.

The next thing I knew, another usher was coming up to me and were like, ‘follow us,’” Shaw remarked. “And they took me to the very front, right in front of him.

Once Brooks noticed Shaw, he walked over to her and sat down on the edge of the stage where he began singing to her. After handing her his guitar, Brooks, who lost his own mother and sister to cancer, kissed Teresa’s forehead and embraced her. The two were overcome with emotion, along with the audience, as many who witnessed the moment were seen on camera wiping away tears.

Then Garth Brooks took the sign and held it up to the crowd in a powerful display. He explained that Shaw’s poster was like a sign from God, giving us proof of His existence. It was a rare moment we’re sure no one expected when they came to the concert that night, but it’s one we’re eternally grateful for.

Watch what happens at the show, it’s a truly beautiful act of kindness by Garth Brooks.

Another angle a little closer to all the action

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