She Gets Caught Red-Handed Letting A Cow In The House. Her Excuse Is Priceless.

If you’ve ever been (or are currently) the parent of a small child, this video will definitely hit home. We’ve all experienced those moments when you know you’ve caught someone in a lie, then you sit back and watch them try to wiggle out of it. Well the lie this little girl is trying to clear her name of is a big one. A big brown one. A big, brown, and mooing one.

Try to put yourself in this mom’s shoes, and imagine what it would be like to come home one day and see your 5-year-old nestled up to a living, breathing cow inside of your house (well in this case, the enclosed porch of your house). She does the right thing and gives her daughter an opportunity to come clean, but that’s not exactly what she does. Instead, she comes up with enigmatic excuses and deft deflections to try to save face.

She starts off by giving a sort of “well I was looking the other way and the cow just came in!” excuse, but mom wasn’t biting. Then, in an attempt to remind her how good of a daughter she is, she fabricates a story about the cow pooping and how she very responsibly cleaned it up. I was dying when I heard her say that, though again, mom wasn’t so convinced.

In the end she plays the “I’m adorable” card, and snuggles up next to her agricultural accomplice. Mom has no choice but to give in to the absolutely precious interaction between the cow and her daughter. For the rest of the video I forget that she even wasn’t supposed to have let the cow in, instead I was just grinning ear to ear from watching this cutie cuddle with her bovine best bud.

This whole scene was just too adorable and hilarious not to share. So the question is, how do you think mom handled the situation? Would you have reacted differently? Let us know, and spread the video if it made you smile.

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