She Begins To Sing, But Watch Her Dress As The Camera Zooms Out. Wow!

Singer and actor Jennifer Lopez always impresses her audience, but her latest performance on American Idol is not something that anyone’s likely to forget soon. Normally she plays the role of a judge on the show, and when she stepped on stage and began to sing, we were all reminded why she’s so qualified to give advice to other hopeful future superstars. Strangely enough, though, her beautiful voice wasn’t even the best part of her performance — I would love to wear a dress like that just once in my life!

When I first saw J. Lo’s dress, I swear my jaw nearly hit the floor. That thing is huge! But quickly, we see that the massive skirt is part of a much bigger plan involving an incredible light show. I’ve seen lots of incredible dresses before, but never have I seen one used as a canvas for such an amazing work of art. But of course, the outfit doesn’t do all the work on its own; Jennifer’s beautiful voice lends itself perfectly to the song, “Feel The Light,” which will be featured in the upcoming Dreamworks movie Home.

Jennifer Lopez’s performance reminded us all why she’s such a superstar…but I think the lights and special effects crew also deserve a raise after their incredible work on such a creative idea. I hope this isn’t the last time we see something like this onstage!

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