She Approaches A Blind Homeless Man, And Does THIS To His Sign. I’m Stunned!

On any given night, between 600,000 and 700,000 Americans – including children – are homeless. How often do we pause to give the less fortunate our time – and offer assistance? Helping homeless people isn’t always just giving them money, sometimes all you need to offer is a kind word, or a bit of your time.

In this powerful short video, we meet a blind homeless man whose sign reads “I’m blind, please help.” A woman stops before him, picks up his sign and begins to seeming scribble on it. After she walks away, the man begins to receive many more offerings. When she comes back and he asks her, “What did you do to my sign?”

She answers, “I wrote the same, with different words!”

This amazing video shows us how the power of words can change your message, and thus your effect on the world.

Have you ever changed your impact on the world by the way you approached a situation? If the answer is yes, please tell us your story in the comments, we love to hear from our readers.

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