She Appears To Be Driving A Normal Car But Wait Until She Stops And Gets Out. A Real Life Changer!

In 2001, Austin lawyer Stacy Zoern totaled her van. It had been customized to accommodate her wheelchair, and it could’ve cost up to $80,000 to replace. So she stopped driving altogether.

While doing some googling a decade later, Zoern discovered the Kenguru (Hungarian for “kangaroo” and pronounced the same), an EV concept specifically designed for people who use wheelchairs. Its creator, Istvan Kissaroslaki, had all but given up on it, as the recession meant a big loan fell through. Zoern convinced him to move to Texas, and together they found 30 investors and raised the $4 million needed to get the car on the road. And in 12 to 18 months, drivers with disabilities will be able to snag a Kenguru!

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