Roommates Find $40,000 In Couch From Goodwill. What They Do With It? WOW!!

Three New York roommates purchased a couch at goodwill for a measly $20, but later discovered that it was worth WAYYY more than they paid for it. The trio went shopping at goodwill in attempt to furnish their apartment inexpensively. When the $20 couch they purchased seemed lumpy and uncomfortable, they decided to investigate.

One night, after curiosity got the best of him, roommate Reese Werkhoven unzipped one of the couch arms and discovered an envelope. They were blown away to find that the envelope contained $4,000, the first of many that they discovered. All totalled, the roommates found over $40,000 hidden in the couch, all bills bubbled wrapped and place inside of envelopes. “Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed,” says Lara Russo,”I wanted to put it back in the couch and like re-find it in the morning when I can process it better.”

The roommate’s neighbors thought they had won the lottery as a result of all the screaming coming from their apartment. “My mouth was literally hanging open – everybody’s was – it was an unfathomable amount,” Cally says. Also discovered among the many envelopes was a deposit slip with a woman’s name on it. The following morning, the three roommates did what many people wouldn’t do and reached out to her. Shortly after they delivered the money to the rightful owner, a 90-year-old widow, who cried in gratitude when it was returned.

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