Robin Williams’ Final Movie Trailer Was Just Released. By 0:22 I Was In Tears.

Robin Williams left us before all of his work would hit the silver screen – and the trailer to his final film has just been released. I’m usually one who can hold their composure, but make no mistake – I got teary eyed watching this.

In the film titled ‘Boulevard’, Robin Williams plays a bank manager named who’s life is crumbling around him. He’s going through what some would call a midlife crisis, when he meets a young man who makes him see what he’s been avoiding his entire life.

In the following trailer for Williams’ last movie, we see one final dazzling performance. Robin Williams does what he did best in his all-too-short life, he makes us laugh and cry without skipping a beat.

Robin Williams was a source of inspiration and humor for so many people around the world who followed his career. It’s hard to imagine that he’s gone, and the true pain he was suffering with behind the smiles, but I know one I do know… He will never be forgotten.

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