A Police Officer Freed This Dog From A Fence. You Won’t Believe What The Dog Did Next.

A tiny camera inside a Missouri police officer’s hand-held radio captured this amazing turn of events after the officer freed the dog from being tangled in a fence.
Plattsburg Police officer Nick Sheppard — a self-admitted “dog lover” — answered a call about in regards to a dog needing a rescue and found a large dog with one of his hind legs tangled up in a metal chain link fence. Once Officer Sheppard cut the fence to freed the dog, the four-legged canine took off running.

Officer Sheppard then went to look for the dog, but was unable to find the pooch and headed back to his patrol car.

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but the dog was found. Unfortunately, Officer Sheppard did not get to keep his new found friend. “Just to let you all know,” wrote the Plattsburg Police Department on its Facebook page, “This happy doggy was picked up a short time later by his owner.”

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