Once I Was Shown How To Make This At Home, I Never Bought It Again From The Store.

Every morning I put some butter in a pan, heat it up and fry some eggs. But now that he showed me how to make butter at home in a jar, I’m never going to have to buy butter again. And yes. It really is that easy! …And he’s not even Amish!

Watch the two-minute video now to forever change the way you shop at the grocery store.

Like he showed me in the video, I grabbed a mason jar from my cabinet and got some heavy whipping cream out of my fridge. You should follow along with the video too.

I poured the heavy whipping cream into the jar up about half way. Once I filled it up halfway, I tightly closed the lid so nothing could escape.

Then I simply started shaking the jar until the heavy whipping cream started to solidify. After I shook the jar for a few minutes it started to take shape, just like he showed me in the video.

I kept shaking it until the cream inside started to look like butter. It turned yellow. I unscrewed the lid and I could see it had solid butter along with some liquid.

Next I put a strainer on top of a plate and poured the contents of the jar into it. The liquid fell through and got collected onto the plate and the solid butter remained right there.

After I separated the solid butter from the liquid, I put the clump of butter onto a piece of plastic wrap and formed it into a rectangle. My homemade butter started to look just like a store-bought stick of butter!

Watch the video and try to make your own home-made butter today! You’ll never need to buy butter from the store again.

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