No One Should Ever Let Their Kids Go To These 19 Playgrounds. Because, OMG!

Playgrounds are where kids can finally go outside and play without restriction. The sandbox, the swing set, and everything else found at playgrounds allow for kids to get exercise and learn to socialize.

That’s why the last thing you’d expect to see are some creepy (and often crude) fixtures at a playground. If kids are playing here, well…don’t let them.

1.) Does he need a bra?


2.) No caption needed.


3.) Is he surprised, or happy to see me?

4.) The thing nightmares are made of.


6.) Hmm…something’s wrong with this picture.

7.) As if clowns weren’t creepy enough.

8.) Seriously?

9.) Are you kidding me?

10.) No, just NO!

11.) The bear finally caught Goldilocks.


12.) Gonna pretend I didn’t see this.

13.) Umm, why?

14.) What THE???

15.) Enter, if you dare…

16.) Umm, ok.

17.) I’m at a loss for words.

18.) Revenge for Planet of the Apes?

19.) Wait, only one boob?

(via BuzzFeed)

Many of these playgrounds can be found in Russia. Regardless of their locations, these designers had no idea what they were doing wrong or they’re just sick! Stay away, children!

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