No One Lived In This House Since 1956. When He Moved Inside? UNBELIEVABLE.

In a totally unexpected discovery, furniture designer and creator Nathan Chandler found and purchased a home that had been locked up and sealed since 1956, keeping its mid-century American interior in spectacular shape. Although the house has since been sold, the retro interior design of this kitchen gives us a look at a time long gone.

It’s not clear why the original owners closed and sealed it for so long, but I’m glad they did, because the interior kitchen décor elements are absolutely stunning. From the pastel pink counters to the original owner manuals still attached to the unused GE appliances, every detail seems straight out of a 1950s American family sitcom.

The fate of this dated kitchen is uncertain, but I’m glad to have had a peek into such a miraculously-preserved historic space!

What do you think? Do you like the bubbly pink, or is it too over the top?

The first thing you see is the kitchen is pink everywhere

The color pink actually had a deeper meaning for people living in the 1950s.

Inspired by the favorite color of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, pink was an exceptionally popular color for kitchens and bathrooms in the 1950s. Mamie loved the color so much, even her cotton balls were pink!

Dubbed "Mamie pink," the color soon became a national symbol for the joy felt at the close of WWII and the remaking of the American household.

Nathan Chandler

Check out the old school buttons on the electric stovetop

Mamie, so refined in her lovely shades of pink, became the ideal model for an American housewife. “Ike runs the country. I turn the pork chops," she once famously said.

Nathan Chandler

It’s in showroom condition, 60 years later.

Mamie was ladylike and down-to-earth. She loved <i>Lawrence Welk</i>. She wore noisy charm bracelets. She played Scrabble and watched soap operas and served TV dinners!


Contrary to our modern perspective, pink was not seen as a "girly" or "feminine" color. Housewives dreamed of homes slathered in pink.

Nathan Chandler

The fridge is at eye level, at upper cabinet height

It's estimated that over five million households featured a pink kitchen or bathroom — or both!

Nathan Chandler


It may be small, but it’s pink!

It's rumored that Mamie always carried around paint swatches of pink, green, and cream. Throughout all of her military moves, even into the White House, Mamie used these swatches to make her house a home. She got to painting and decorating right away.

Nathan Chandler

I wonder if pink was a special order color for ovens in the 50s

The presidential headquarters was <i>so</i> pink, the White House was actually dubbed the "Pink Palace."

Nathan Chandler

All the appliances were still with their original manuals

With pink appliances in such high demand, this kitchen must have been quite the dream!

It's like a time capsule of the 1950s. The appliances still have the original manuals.

Nathan Chandler

What’s a custom kitchen without a dishwasher….

And though the appliances might seem a little dated, I wonder if they still might work!


Nathan Chandler

 In case you’ve ever wondered what  dish detergent looked like in the 50s

With a top-loading dishwasher like this and the original detergent, a person might feel like he or she has stepped back into another time.

That's why this kitchen is so special! It's a little piece of American history that we can enjoy for a long time.

Nathan Chandler

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