This Music Video Was Being Recorded. What A Random Homeless Man Did Next Blew Everyone Away.

When Christian musician and songwriter Carlos Whittaker was in Atlanta recording a music video for his song “God of Second Chances,” a homeless man approached the set in the middle of filming.

Before Carlos or the crew members had a chance to react, the man, whom they later learned was named Danny, got on his knees and began crying. Carlos continued to sing, with Danny soon joining in, improvising his own version of the song. Both his voice and his personality were absolutely beautiful.

What I love most about this video, is there is no barrier between these 2 men, they are both on the same playing field. Neither looks at the other thinking he is better, or worse off then the other. It is simply 2 men sharing a moment of music, with no differences standing in the way. People may look at Danny and think, he needs someone’s help. But after watching this video, Danny helped ME.

Even though Carlos looked for Danny often, he never saw him again. Last year, Carlos wrote about the experience:

So it’s really amazing how this moment that happened almost 4 years ago now, is catching steam again.
Just so everyone knows what went down after we met Danny.
We had about a 30 minute convo, that was mostly for my and his ears only after our moment. There were many other moments in that convo that changed my life and perspective on homelessness.
I asked Danny how we could get back in touch with him and he gave me a cell phone number and told me he is at that park often.
Well the cell phone number didn’t work and when I went back to that park the next day, none of the homeless men in the park had ever seen Danny. Or so they told me.
I had dreams of taking Danny on the road, recording another version with him, and getting him off the street.
To no avail.
Months passed and still no sign.
And to this day, almost 4 years later, I’ve not heard from Danny.
Although every single time I’m in Atlanta I drive to the park and sit on a bench, hoping that angel walks back by.
Sometimes the Lord gives us moments, for the moment alone, and not for what we think we should do with the moment.
Through Facebook I have gotten some messages from some who have said they have met Danny before and I’m following up with them.
It would be a dream to reunite with Danny and tell him how much his voice has changed so many lives.
Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for sharing this video and the truths Danny shared with me.
Love ya!

Perhaps, Danny was an Angel….
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