Mom Buys Sink Mats From Dollar Store, Shares Clever Trick That Makes Laundry Time A Breeze

It’s true that we definitely need a little motivation to keep the laundry cycle moving, day after day. While it might not ever be fun, there are ways to expedite the process and make it as simple as possible.
Not only that, but you can do it for a very inexpensive cost as well. Learning these tips and tricks make the job even more worth the effort.

So watch how this thrifty mom Kathryn “does it on a dime” and makes the task kid-friendly, too! This could really revolutionize your laundry system.

The Dollar Store can be a lifesaver. It has all of the inexpensive tools you need to make your own household hacks and this one you can make with only two items: duct tape and sink mats.

If you didn’t know, sink mats can be used for tasks outside the kitchen. And you can get a stack of them for a few dollars. Purchase six of them, along with a roll of white tape (you might already have this item), and you are ready to go.

This trick for folding laundry is so simple that this mom’s kids were ready to jump in and help. Folding laundry does not have to be the worst task in the house and, in fact, it just became one of the easiest!

Encouraging the kids to get involved with safe-to-do household chores is a great way to teach them responsibility and get a helping hand at the same time. This little guy seems eager to help out his mom.
How awesome that these tasks are so easy that a toddler can tackle it? These hacks shouldn’t take you any time at all!

Watch this mom’s handy how-to below and see how you can also keep your fridge extra clean and organized with another inexpensive item from the dollar store. It pays off to take a moment for organization.
Those initial minutes you take to implement these handy hacks will save you quite a bit of time in the long run. They’re pretty clever!

Use these tricks in the video and you will have it done in a snap! You will truly be amazed at these tips!

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