Miracle Triplets Celebrate Their First Birthday After Mother Was Told To Abort 2 Of Them.


A woman who was told to abort two of her three babies growing in her womb is now celebrating her triplets birthday.Before her pregnancy with the triplets, Liz Brewer had had a pregnancy with twins in which one of the twins had died 16 days after birth. With the next pregnancy of the triplets, back in 2014, the doctor had advised her to use “selective reduction.” The doctor had told her that it was unlikely that the babies would survive if they didn’t go forth with the reduction. Brewer, however, kept her faith and hope and decided not to kill any of her babies growing within her.

I had an early scan at five weeks as they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy due to the pain I was in, but I was delighted to find out it was twins. Two weeks later we went back for another scan and I said to the lady doing the scan that I always had a feeling I would have triplets, but I knew it was fine as it was twins again. She turned round and said ‘it’s funny you should say that as I think there’s a third one so I need to go and get someone to check.’ She left my husband and I stunned in the room, but we couldn’t help smiling at what a miracle this was and how amazing it would be.”

Brewer was remarkably carrying a pair of identical twins that had split from one egg as well as a separate baby girl. The pregnancy was scary for the family because they thought she was going to have another miscarriage because of heavy bleeding at the 13 and 16 weeks mark.


There was a high chance that the single baby would have Downs Syndrome and the test was meant to be that day. I had a big bleed the night before we were supposed to go for the test. I could have lost all the babies if I’d had the amino so I think it was my body’s way of telling me not to do it. They offered me a selective reduction, to abort the twins and keep the baby that was at a high risk of Downs. It suddenly makes you think about if you are putting your babies at risk. If I gave birth at 25 weeks again, would they all be able to survive?”


She then explained that the doctors had also asked her if she would even handle raising triplets.

“They asked if we would be able to cope with three babies, but that’s not something that even crossed our minds. I couldn’t give up. I was blessed with three babies.”



Brewer’s triplets were born healthy at 34-weeks. The three babies, 2 boys and one girl, have helped her heal from her past miscarriages and the death from one of her sons in the previous pregnancy.

It has been an amazing ending to our pregnancies and has helped to heal us. We will never forget our first-born son but the triplets have enabled us to have a very different ending to our story and we know we would never have had them had we not lost our son.”
We had two little boys and a girl, which was a shock because we just assumed it would be three more boys. All babies came up to the ward with us, but later that day Deacon’s blood sugars dropped and he had to go to special care. He spent seven days there and then came and joined us on the ward and we went home together two days later as they had all established breastfeeding.”



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Source: Godfruit/ Daily Mail/Life News

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