Man Unearths Pregnant Dog Buried Alive Under Sidewalk

This is the most incredible rescue I’ve ever seen!

Refusing to ignore the cries for help under this freshly laid sidewalk, a man begins removing the stone piece by piece in a city in Russia. Onlookers gather to watch to see what was buried alive. The ordeal began when a spot of sidewalk needed to be repaired after it collapsed due to a sinkhole. This man and his family tried to get help before tearing up the sidewalk themselves, but were unable to get anyone to respond. So, taking matters into their own hands, they begin the rescue.

Finally digging out enough, a pregnant dog emerges after being trapped for two days without food or water. It is unknown if she was buried alive on purpose, or whether it was accidental, but thankfully she is being cared for and back to a full recovery at a local animal rescue. They report she will soon be up for adoption – all thanks to a kindhearted man who didn’t ignore her pleas for help

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